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If you like online army games, you have come to the right place. has all Army games that you can play as much and as often as you like. Many of the games on this site are high score army games so that you can compete with others over the web. New army games are added on a frequent basis, so make sure that you check back often. Now go pick out an army game to play and have fun!

Army Games


WWII Target Sniper (33201 plays)

You are a World War II Army Sniper, your mission is to get t...


Sniper Duty (76274 plays)

SniperDuty is and army sniper game that dedicated to the po...


Hangarship Defender (42688 plays)

In this fun army game you are last man left standing on a h...


Flash Conflict Demo (22668 plays)

Conflict is a real time strategic army game that is based u...


Shooter Defense and Des... (48360 plays)

A bus loaded with prisoners is being attacked in the heart o...


Army Battle Commander (65219 plays)

In this army game you place your soldiers in formation to ba...


Thunder Struck - Desert... (24096 plays)

In this army game you are in control of a state of the art m...


Last Command (68656 plays)

The alien invasion has begun! You ar in command of the last...


Mud and Blood 2 (100234 plays)

In this army game you will experience World War 2 as a plato...


Army Defence V.2 (25664 plays)

The 2nd army game in the series of Army Defense. This versi...


Shooter Wave and Packag... (62730 plays)

In this army game you are on a mission to stop an illegal tr...


Shooter Spark and Enfor... (34555 plays)

Mission Briefing: The base has spotted an illegal goods stor...


Special Ops: Alien Enco... (63581 plays)

In this army game you are a special forces army commando. Th...


Battle of Midway Island... (33357 plays)

In this army game you are in the Battle of Midway which was ...


Army Driver (63306 plays)

In this army game your driving skills are put to the test an...


Soldier Fortune (47736 plays)

In this army game you play a soldier of fortune intent on de...


Urban Warfare (105435 plays)

This game is a tactical army topdown special forces shooter ...


Elite Corps Afghan Miss... (68193 plays)

In this action packed army game you have to fight your way t...


Lock N Load (56569 plays)

In this army game the city is under attack by armed invaders...


Military Rush (73239 plays)

Select your favorite army vehicle and begin the race going ...


Furious Tank (42743 plays)

In this army tank game you are on a mission to eleminate all...


War Soldier Sniper (24946 plays)

In this army sniper game the goal is to shoot as many enemie...


War Machine (130724 plays)

The US Army needs you! You have to drive your Humvee throug...


Beach Landing (57675 plays)

In this army game you are involved in a beach landing where...


Rescue Team (29623 plays)

In this army game you try to rescue your army pals as they p...


Island Colonizer (50894 plays)

The Colonizers care trying to take over your island. Now is...


Prisoner Escape (48331 plays)

In the army game you have 50 prisoners will try to make thei...


Desert Storm (51099 plays)

Take down as many of the enemy apache helicopters that are r...


G.I. Jane (27932 plays)

In this army platform shooter you play a female warrior that...


Army Attack (37539 plays)

Use your army airplane that is equipped with a machine gun t...

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